Top Washing Machine Problems

1. The washing machine is not filling

One reason for this is water not entering the tub because the hose is kinked or coiled up. Another reason can be a faulty valve. There might also be sediment clogging the filter on the hose. If you want to check if this is the cause, unplug the washing machine first, then remove the hose and check both ends.

2. Washing machine is not heating the water.

The most common reason is that the heater isn’t working and needs to be replaced. If your washing machine has two water inlets, one is for cold and the other for hot water. The water heating system will shut off when the desired temperature is reached. So if the water in your washing machine isn’t heating there is something wrong with your machine’s water heater.

3. Washing machine is not emptying

The most common cause is a hose blockage or the hose is kinked or coiled. There might be a piece of debris inside the hose that is preventing water from draining.

4. Washing machine is overfilling

The problem might be in the pressure system that controls the machine’s water level. This is usually caused by a pressure chamber blockage or a broken pressure switch. There might also be holes in the chamber tubing that links to the pressure chamber and switch that causes the machine to overfill.

5. Washing machine is leaking

The most common cause for a leaking washing machine is the door seal. Door seals can work themselves loose due to wear and tear. Usually it’s necessary to replace the door seal. Sometimes the machine will leak if the hose has wear and tear on it. Also, check to make sure there’s not a loose connection from the water inlet.

6. Washing machine empties water and stops before time

Sometimes a washing machine will start off normally then stop midway and start to drain water. When this happens take note of the following. If it stops after ten minutes the heater might be faulty and it failed to heat the water so that the programme stopped. When the machine stops after twenty to thirty minutes, water might be overheating caused by a faulty thermostat.

7. The programme is stopping mid-cycle

This one is more complex, as there are a lot of possible causes for this. The timer might be faulty. Other possible reasons would include the heating element isn’t working correctly. Nowadays a lot of washing machines are controlled by software in the machine so that when an error occurs, the programme me will stop and will display an error code.

8. Washing Machine Dial clicks round continuously

This issue is mainly seen in Indesit or Hoover washing machines. If there’s no clicking sound during the main wash and clicking just started after the wash, then the problem may lie in the water not draining out of the machine. This may be caused by the pump filter. If the machine starts clicking after 10 – 30 minutes then the problem might be the heating element.

9. Washing machine is tripping the electrics

This is usually this is caused by a problem in the motor, the suppressor, or a faulty wire. Don’t attempt to fix this issue yourself unless you are a qualified experienced electrician. Another reason for this can be water dripping on electric parts.

10. Washing Machine is not spinning

The most likely reason for this is a problem with the drive belt. It could be loose and has come off or is broken. Another reason is a faulty motor.
A load of clothes inside may also be lopsided so this automatically activates the off-balance shut-off switch. To correct this just reposition the clothes inside the machine to reset the off-balance switch.
The lid switch may be broken. You’ll know this if it does not click when you press or release it.

11. Washing Machine Door won’t open

Another frustrating situation is when your washing machine door won’t open as you can see your clothes trapped inside. Sometimes people will force the door open, and then the door has to be replaced, causing more expense.

There are several reasons why the door won’t open:

First, the water pump failed to drain the water out causing the door to lock. The reason for this is that your washing machine has a pneumonic door safety lock which is connected to a pressure chamber that forces air to go up locking the door.

Second, there might be a clog or blockage in the pressure chamber bottle trapping the air and so jamming the door.

Third, the door interlock is jammed, the door handle or catch is broken.

Lastly, a pecker which is a part that works with the machine belt has broken or fallen off.

Important Note:

When your washing machine door is jammed, never be tempted to remove the lid of the machine and reach inside to try to open the door if it is still plugged in as you are in real danger of electrocution.

You should never try to do any D.I.Y. repairs when the machine is still connected to the mains for the same reason.

12. Washing machine won’t start

The first thing to check is whether your washing machine is plugged in to an electric socket and this is switched on. The next thing is to see whether your socket is supplying electricity.

To check this, remove the plug of your washing machine and in the same socket plug in any other electrical appliance you have to check if it is working.

Another reason could be in the wiring of your door interlock or a malfunctioning door catch.

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