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Washing Machine repairs are expensive, so here are a few tips to keep in mind to get the best results from your washing machine:

1. Which is the best washing machine detergent to use
– washing powder or liquid?

First of all, powdered detergents have been in the market longer than liquid detergents and are still in the market. This tells us that people still find them effective; otherwise they would be no longer available on supermarket shelves.

The advantage of liquid detergents is that it is a dissolved washing solution. This means it works well using cooler temperatures. Powdered detergents take time to dissolve when used in cool water making them less efficient on lower temperature washes. Liquid detergents usually don’t contain bleaching agents so they are gentler on coloured fabrics.

However, bleaching detergents can also be effective in preventing slime and moulds from growing in your washing machine. Detergents with bleaching agents are used mainly for white fabrics to clean and brighten them.

2. Do washing machines really live longer with anti lime scale tablets?

The answer depends on the level of water hardness in your area. To work this out, contact your local water company. They can tell you the local the level of hardness of the water.

Hard water leaves lime scale in appliances like your kettle and in your washing machine. This can cause damage to the heating element because the minerals found in hard water act as an insulator on the element, making it work harder than it normally does which can lead to its breakdown.

Anti lime scale tablets soften water and prevent lime scale from forming. However, is you live in a soft water area, avoid using these tablets because water that is too soft makes it hard for your detergent to dissolve in the water. Interestingly enough, adding an anti-lime scale tablet to hard water can reduce the amount of detergent you need to use in your washing machine.

A good detergent contains ingredients that soften water anyway, so unless your water is very hard, a good dose of detergent will do the trick in softening your water.

3. Should I put the detergent in the detergent dispenser or straight in the drum?

With modern washing machines and detergent technology it really doesn’t matter. Whether or not you are using detergent dispenser won’t affect the wash.
The only disadvantage of using the detergent dispenser is that you will need to clean the drawer regularly to prevent the machine from clogging. However, if your preference is to pour the detergent straight to the drum, just make sure the powder is completely dissolved.

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